Gorilla Gives Birth to Twin Babies at Netherlands Zoo - Must Watch Video

Awww! So Precious!
On June 13th, zoo keepers got quite a shock when they passed a female gorilla's enclosure. The new mom gave birth to a set of boy/girl twins.

Some of the fiercest animals have the most adorable babies. That's the case for N'Gayla, a 20-year-old gorilla that lives at Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands.

On June 13th, zoo keepers got quite a shock when they passed her enclosure and noticed her holding an insanely cute gorilla baby. Workers knew she was pregnant, but she had delivered much earlier than anticipated.

There was another surprise in store though. One of the zoo keepers stated "I was watching N'Gayla lick her baby clean, and suddenly she grabbed something from within the straw bedding — another baby gorilla".

The experienced mom had given birth to a boy and girl twinset. Although the 23-year-old primate daddy won't be giving N'Gayla much help in the baby nurturing department, the mom seems perfectly content cuddling and spending time with her two new bundles.

The birth of gorilla twins is said to be a very rare occurrence in zoos.

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