Watermelon and melon balls cake - Must Watch Video

When summer comes around, we get an itch to make a watermelon dessert. So we made this watermelon treat with a little help from a melon. It was surprisingly easy. Give this recipe a try with your kids over summer vacation.

1. Cut out a middle segment of the watermelon at a thickness of your choice. Use a mold or knife to remove it from the rind.
2. Cut a 1.5cm segment from the watermelon piece you cut in step 1 and put lay it inside the ring of watermelon rind you also made in step 1. Put it in the refrigerator.

Make the mousse.
3. Add 10g of gelatin powder to 60cc water and let it soak.
4. Whip 100c (100g) fresh cream to 70% until it's the consistency of yogurt.
5. Add in 150g yogurt and roughly stir.
6. Add 100c of Melon Calpis and roughly stir.
7. Add 100c milk and stir.
8. Throw the water and gelatin powder from step 3 into the microwave for 20 seconds set at 600w to dissolve the gelatin. (Do not let it boil)
9. Mix the water from step 8 into the cream from step 7, stirring while you add.
10. Cool the mixture in ice water and stir until it thickens.

11. Pour the thickened cream into the watermelon rind from step 2.
12. Use a melon baller to scoop out balls of watermelon and melon.
13. Fill the watermelon rind with the balls you've scooped out.
14. Glaze it with nappage.
How to make nappage→
15. Chill then serve.