In sickness and health: Bride with MS walks down aisle - Must Watch Video

Meg Morgensen was diagnosed with MS years ago, but her symptoms didn't worsen until right before her wedding day. With a strong will and support system, she was able to walk down the aisle.

To reach the front of the church and the side of the man she would marry, Meggie Young, formerly Meggie Morgensen, first had to train for an obstacle most brides don't fret about: walking down the aisle.

The bride has multiple sclerosis, a chronic disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord and can leave a person disabled. At 24, she was diagnosed with MS, the condition that drastically changed the way she lives. For her, MS can mean numbness, vision loss and shaking, among other symptoms. A March relapse left her having to re-learn to walk and relying on a crutch.

The relapse made being able to walk down the aisle a priority goal.

On Saturday, with friends and family watching, taking pictures and blowing her kisses, Meggie Morgensen walked down the aisle at Christ the King Catholic Church in Des Moines, flanked by her parents.