' Amazing Grace ' like you've never heard before! - Must Watch Video

Na-G and Megan (aka Singing Mommy), sing Amazing Grace like you've never heard before! It's so catchy that before you know it, you'll be singing it in your head for days. This all begun with Singing Mommy and her beautiful baby daughter Louise, who was born with Albinism. Since Louise has no pigment in her hair, skin and eyes, this results in very poor vision. Therefore, Louise attends weekly therapy at Anchor Center for Blind Children. In order to help raise awareness about this center and the children benefiting from their services, Singing Mommy and Na-g collaborated to create this beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace which resulted in this touching video. Get some tissues because it's a tearjerker that will soon be seen around the world. Every mother will feel empathy for the sweet faces shown in this video. Not to mention, the lyrics of this heartfelt song. Enjoy!