How to Get Rid of Mold Smell in Front Loader Washing Machine - Must Watch Video

Put 1 tbsp. baking soda in the drum after each load. It will be there for the next load and will continue to absorb the smells.
Another way to remove odor from towels is to use baking soda and no detergent in the hottest wash.
Wash the soap dispenser at least once a month, including the spot that it sits in.
You can also add vinegar during the rinse or in a Downy Ball (do not use fabric softener at the same time).
Use vinegar to get the smell out and kill mold. You can use it in the wash or rinse cycle. Using 1/2 cup per load in the rinse cycle will serve as a natural fabric softener as well.
Soap dispensers come out completely and can be taken apart by tipping it over.
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