This woman passed out on a train and woke up to find an unusual note from a Complete Stranger Saved Her Life - Must Watch Video

27-year-old Ellie Farnfield was  traveling alone on a London train. It was a difficult day, and Ellie was heading for work at the gym where she worked as a fitness trainer. But then all her plans disappeared as she realized that she was fainting... but a Complete Stranger Saved Her Life !

The stranger, identified as "Tom" wrote in the note that he saw Ellie faint on the subway, where he then brought her out to the platform and waited by her side as help arrived. In addition, he contact 14 people on her contact list notifying them of her whereabout. However, he could not stay until she awoke, but left her a coffee and some taxi money and told her that he left her with train staff while medical help was arriving.

She was deeply touched by the man's action and wanted to find him so she could return the money and give him thanks. Facebook shared her sentiment as the post was shared thousands of times.

Hopefully Ellie finds Tom because that is one good selfless samaritan!