When you get right, the world will be ok - A Must Read Story

Professor Jack has a three year old son. He is very smart and has many doubts about many things. He used to ask different wired questions. When his mother get tired of answering the questions, she tell him to ask papa. One fine Sunday morning as Professor Jack was preparing the lecture for the coming week, his three year old son came with different questions. To keep him quite, Professor Jack was thinking ways to engage his son, so that he will keep quiet for some time.

While looking for books or magazines, professor jack found an old map of the world. An idea come to his mind. He tore that world map into many pieces. Mix that pieces and given it to his son and asked him to rebuild the world map and return. Professor Jack was sure that his son will not disturb him for a couple of hours and continued his preparation of lecture for the next week.

To Professor's surprise, his son came within 5 minutes and asked him to look at the world map. Believing his son could not set it right, without looking at the world map, professor said "Son, go to your room and fix it correctly and come back, I am not going to help you" But his son insisted that he fix it correctly and show it to him.

Professor Jack looked the map and found it fixed correctly. Professor asked, "who helped you to fix it. I am sure you cannot do that without someone's help.

His son replied " Papa, no one helped me. When I carefully looked at both the sides of paper, I found on one side, body parts of a man. When I fixed the man, the world map got right by itself."

Professor looked at the back side of the map and found there is a picture of a man. When his son fixed the man, the world got corrected automatically.

The moral of the story is, when the man get right, the world will automatically get right. Individuals are responsible for all the troubles in this world.