This is What Happens To Your Body IF YOU USE THE PHONE BEFORE SLEEPING!! - Must Watch Video

Experts in psychiatry and neurology explain what this lack of sleep actually does in your mind and body: the light on the screen says "wake up!" And this brings severe consequences to your health:

1. Insomnia:
The brain needs darkness to produce the hormones that trigger sleep.

2. Accumulation of toxins in the brain:
When you sleep well and for the amount of hours needed, your neurons get a good rest. But in addition glial cells use this time to clear the toxins that your brain produces. Otherwise, toxins will accumulate.

3. Loss of memory:
This also leads to poor work performance the next day.

4. Reduced ability to solve problems:
This could impoverish both work and family life.

5. Weight gain:
Lack of sleep can put your metabolism out of control, which can cause weight gain.

Did you know everything that watching your cell phone before sleep was producing to your health? Leave this custom and surrender to good sleep.