Does God Exist? - A Must Read Story

A man went to do his hair cut. As always, he and the barber chatted about many things. While talking they come to subject of God and the barber said that there is no God. God doesn't exits! If God exists, why there is suffering and crime. If god existed, there wouldn't be much suffering.

The man fell into thought for a while and then said:

You know something? Barbers don’t exist.

Barber: - What do you mean, don’t exist? I’m here, and I’m a barber.

Man: - They don’t exist! – insisted the man. – Because if they did, there wouldn’t be people with such long beards and such tangled hair.

Barber: - I can guarantee that barbers do exist. But these people never come in here.

Man : - Exactly! So, in answer to your question, God exists, too. It just so happens that people don’t go to Him. If they did, there wouldn’t be so much misery in the world and they would be more giving.

Yes! God is there. God exits. But men are not seeking God.