I Know The President - A Must Watch Video

There was a group of friends who gather together every evening in the street corner after their day's work. They talk about different issues and problems. Do some gossip. Share their knowledge etc. One evening Mr. Albert told his friends that He knows the President and named some important figures and told that he know them very well.

While returning Mr. Bob thought that "my son has done his graduation and is jobless. My friend Mr. Albert knows the President and many important people in the society. Let me ask Mr. Albert for a favor. If he makes a request to the President, perhaps by the recommendation of President, my son could get a job in a good organization.

The other day Mr. Bob met Mr. Albert and said: "You know President and other important persons in the society very well. So could I ask you to do me a favor. My son did his graduation and jobless. I am sure, if you ask the president, he could arrange a job for my son.

Mr. Albert Replied: "My friend Mr. Bob. I know President and many influential people in the society but the truth is that they don't know me.

There are people around us who boast themselves that they have good connections with those who are in power. When you approach them for a help, they will show their helplessness. They will turn you down.

But there is one who is there to help you, who controls the universe. Who knows everything. He is God. He will not turn you down when you approach Him for a help. He will show you the way. He will guide you, lead you and counsel you.

Let us go to His feet in prayer. The help is sure.