Lucky The Rare 2-Headed Calf Dies A Week Before Life-Changing Surgery - A Must Watch Video

Lucky, a beloved two-headed calf, has died, a week before she was due to receive potentially life-changing surgery. She was born on September 16, 2016, and lived for 108 days. Her owner said that for two days, Lucky seemed to have lost her appetite. On the third day, she tried to load her into the truck to take her to the veterinarian, but the calf passed away before they made it that far. She was the longest surviving calf born with two faces, after the previous record holder survived for only 40 days.

Lucky the 2-Headed Cow Defies Odds, Might be Getting Surgery ( Previous Video)

We first met Lucky a few months ago when she was born. If you look closely the calf has two faces. Her breeders on the Kentucky farm weren't sure how long this little lady would survive. The good news is Lucky's still fighting, slowly gaining weight. Right now Lucky weighs about 90 pounds. It's because she's having trouble eating. That's why plans are in the works for cleft palate surgery 6 hours away at the University of Illinois.