Are you guilty of this ? - A Must Read Story

A pastor friend recently told the true story of one of his church members, an attorney, who after meditating on several scriptures, decided to cancel the debts of all his clients that had owed him money for more than 6 months.

He drafted a letter explaining his decision and its Biblical basis and sent 17 debt canceling letters via certified mail.

One by one, the letters began to return, unsigned and undelivered.

Perhaps a couple people had moved away though not likely.

16 of the 17 letters came back to him because the clients refused to sign for and open the envelopes fearing that this attorney was suing them for their debts.

How profound! We owe a debt for our sin and God is willing to cancel it but too many people will not even open the letter that explains that.

Are you guilty of not opening your Bible and reading enough of God's Word?

You know that memorizing and meditating scriptures is important, yet, you're still not doing it?

Listen, I know what you feel because I've been there for many years before I made a serious commitment to start memorizing His Words for me to grow spiritually.

This led me to start Memory Delight and start inspiring and teaching believers to start memorizing.

Thousands of lives were changed since then simply by memorizing one Bible verse at a time.

Begin your journey in scripture memorization.

In Him,
Don and Dawn

P.S. One last thing; Thousands of people will receive this email but I know only a fraction of them will take action on their faith and start memorizing Bible verses.

So I'm challenging you to become one of those few who will take action and become a spirit-filled Christian.