Science Shows The 5-Second Rule is Real Most of the Time - A Must Watch Video

We've all heard of the five-second rule, but is it real? New Discovery Science Channel show, "The Quick and the Curious," NASA engineer Mark Rober offers cookies to passersby but drops them before they can take a bite. Some turn down the snack, while others grab it. Whenever a piece of food is dropped on the ground, small amounts of bacteria will jump on immediately. Moist food is more likely to present a problem because bacteria, such as E.coli and listeria, love wet environments.

NEW VIDEO: Is There Really Any Harm With Eating Food After It Falls On The Ground? - A Must Watch Video

Is the legend of the "Five Second Rule" fact or fiction? The "rule" states if you drop food on the ground, you've got five seconds to pick it up before it's too dirty to eat. To find out the truth, Inside Edition conducted an experiment to see if people would really eat something that fell on the ground. A recent study at Rutgers University has proven no one should never eat anything that drops on the floor - even for a second.