Why God allow us with hard times - A Must Read Story

The child named " Arsany " asked his father : " Dad why God allow us with hard times ?? Did God want us to be in pain ! to be in hurt ! He don't want us to be happy ? "

Then the father answer : " God create us to be happy , giving us everything to make us happy , but .. we use our easy life which full of blessings wrongly so , our Lord sometimes give us hard time to raise our hearts and to have hope in happy heavenly life in the end "

Then Arsany reply : " How is that dad ? "

Then his father reply :

" i will tell you an ancient famous greek story ,
There was a solider named Antigonus he observe that another solider who was strong and full of power , he observe him in each battle he go into most hot spot which full of danger and he go there to fight with all his power ..

And his actions and behave was a source of proud for all of his leaders and friends .

Antigonus like this solider and so thanks him on being such brave and he like his honesty and loyalty toward his country , But soldier reply Antigonus : " I love my country and i wish to die for my nation "

Then Antigonus ask him if he want anything and he will do it for him but the soldier thank him and he didn't ask him but in the end of conversation the soldier told him that he has a serious sickness and he is waiting his death sooner or later and he feel very hard pains .

His pains was pushing him to fight hard in battles so he don't afraid from death which was coming to him faster if not because of battle , it will be due to his sickness .

Then Antigonus represent this soldier to one of his professional doctors and after few months , Antigonus observe disappearance of this soldier from the battle so after the victory he asked about him as he thought maybe he died ..

But ..

They told him that this soldier has been recovered on the hands of the professional doctor so he was very careful on his health and his family and his rest and so for that he escape from the battle ..

Antigonus was so sad on this soldier who was brave during his hard pains so he wasn't afraid but when he cured he lost his courage and his honesty in his duties "

Welcome to pains that allows me your hands,

I say hello to the weaknesses .

It is the balance of my love for you ,

It is a support for me in this world.

* Sufferings are the glory of me,

As long as you carry around with me.

Which make me talking to you!

*welcome to the pains that it opens a door for me in the heaven

Which I enjoy your pain company,

And tested the cross,

And the glory of the Resurrection blessed .