World's Heaviest Woman From Egypt Arrives in India for Treatment - A Must Watch Video

World’s heaviest woman, 500-kg(1102 lbs) Egyptian Eman Ahmed, arrived in Mumbai on Saturday morning ahead of weight reduction treatment which she will undergo at Saifee Hospital. A special bed has been created by local Egyptian artisans in requirements with the safety precautions as laid out by the Egypt Air for her safe transport on ground and in the plane.

World’s heaviest woman arrives in India for Treatment
Eman Ahmed, who weighs 500 kg has arrived in India on Saturday to undergo a bariatric surgery. She has arrived from Egypt and will be treated at Mumbai's Saifee Hospital . A fully equipped Truck has escorted her to the hospital and had been followed by an Ambulance and a police escort vehicle. Even a special room has been created for her in the hospital.
Eman Ahmed aged 36, suffers from elephantiasis disease which has swelled up her arms and legs leaving her unable to move and walk for last 25 years. During the journey. Eman had been accompanied by her sister Shaimaa Ahmed as well as Saifee hospital experts Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker and Dr Kamlesh Bohra. Muffazal Lakdawala and his team of doctors would be treating her for weight reduction.