What Single Christian Women look for in Single Christian Men - MUST READ

Learn Exactly What Single Christian Women Want in Single Christian Men to Date and Marry - Juliet Klee

Mind you not all single Christian women desire all these important qualities all of the time, and of course not all eligible single Christian men display all of these qualities all of the time. But enough Christian women want them to make this list a viable and valid one that single Christian men should pay close attention to developing them.

Open Communication

Christian women want to be engaged. Not just engaged to be married, engaged in a thriving, ongoing dialogue with their man. Sharing every aspect of life on all levels is very important to Christian women--feelings, hopes, dreams, good times, bad times, hard work, joys, sorrows, struggles, victories, problems and solutions, etc. We have all seen movies or TV shows where the man hides behind his newspaper while the woman yaks and yaks, on and on to the tune of a few grunts or one-word responses from her man. This image is the exact opposite of what every single woman on the face of the earth desires from a man. A desirable Christian man should not only be a problem solver but also be an empathetic emotional support. In other words, sure a Christian gal may need her car looked at, or help doing her tax return but she also sometimes just needs a good listener and a strong shoulder to lean on. A Christian man and Christian woman need to show that their dating or marriage partner matters to them very much. If a woman really matters to you, if you truly value her as a precious gift from God, then you will value her words, you will value what is important to her, not only hear what she says, but truly strive to understand her.


This may not sound real romantic to wide-eyed single women or men but to many married women, cleaning the house together and sharing the other household chores communicates to her that she and her husband are one together. Washing and drying the dishes or doing the laundry to share or lighten her burden, believe it or not, is as important to a married woman as foreplay. She longs for her husband to be continually listening to her deeply and intently with no distractions (like the newspaper or the ball game on TV).

Shared Christian Values

Are your life goals something you have in common? Is living for Christ a common goal of yours? Do you have a similar world view based on strong Christian values? Do you have a similar view on how to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, the role of a Christian man and Christian woman in a Christ-centered marriage, how to deal with and conquer the really tough challenges and tough problems in life? Do you both study and obey the bible on a consistent basis? What about your prayer life?

Shared Laughter and Joy

Sometimes men, even devoted Christian men, get their nose stuck to the grind stone so intensely that a women has a tough time prying them loose from their work long enough to go play and have some fun in life. The joy of a personal victory or triumph is made so much more intense when it is shared with a loved one. It is important to communicate the fact that you wish each other well, praying for each other and rooting for one another, and even making sacrifices for the other persons benefit.

Strength and Intelligence

Does a Christian man carry himself with strength and confidence both physically and in his speech and the decisive way that he makes wise and prayerful decisions? If the answer to most of these questions is yes, well then, a Christian woman will tend to see him as a "good spiritual leader" a "possible soul mate sent from God" or a "good possible Christian husband" and she will no doubt do everything in her power to have him as a friend, lover and life-long partner. Again, a Christian man should not only be a problem solver but also be an empathetic spiritual and emotional support. In other words, sure a Christian gal may need her car looked at, or help doing her tax return but she also sometime just needs a good listener and a strong shoulder to lean on.

Strong Moral and Ethical Character

Does a man have a "good" heart? Does he display the mind and heart of Christ? Does he not only treat every single woman well on a date, but does he always treat everyone well. Is he polite and respectful to all people, not just the ones that meet his goals or provide something that he wants or needs at the time? Does a Christian man play fair? Does a Christian man have a strong work ethic and a desire to provide for and protect his woman and family? Does he put God first, family second and work or career third?

Trust, Honesty and Loyalty

Do not ever betray a Christian woman's trust. Do not ever share anything she tells you in secret with anyone else. If you pray together with a Christian woman, do not disclose to others what you prayed about. Only have eyes for her. Do not have a little porn-eye-candy on the side. Porn even among Christian men is an epidemic. Do not have a wondering eye for the other ladies. Once a Christian woman has given a Christian man her whole heart, her respect and her trust, honesty and loyalty; she expects and deserves all that and more in return. Do not ever belittle her or make fun of her weaknesses or insecurities behind her back or in her presence in public. God sees her as a weaker vessel but nonetheless equal in value to Him.

Depending on the mood and the moment it is sometimes appreciated in private for a man to kid a woman about her weaknesses or insecurities. Do not ever joke about her body. Or the clothes she wears. A woman's body and her clothes are an extension of her inner self. Always be a gentleman, looking out for what is best for her first, putting her needs ahead of your own. This is more than fair, after all, the desire to give herself to you in body, mind and spirit is such a big part of a godly Christian woman's very nature that most men can never deserve or repay this wonderful gift from God called woman. Christian men, who know the biblical account of creation, should be all the more grateful to God for the Christian women in their lives; and strive for godly, ethical character.