Oregano Oil: Nature Powerful Antibiotic - A Must Watch Video

Sometimes, you may think your body is a battlefield. When a bacterial infection invades it, a physician normally prescribes armed combatants called antibiotics. Yet this remedy can create its own set of problems. We often seem helpless while these two armies fight to the finish.

Luckily, we can spring into action and take a defensive position without destroying good bacteria called probiotics. Our secret weapon is oregano oil.

In today’s video, we’ll take a microscopic look into how this natural remedy works.

CAUTION: This oil has brute force and should always be diluted, and never applied directly to an open wound or broken skin. To take orally, remember to always mix it in with water, or your favorite oil – such as olive or coconut.

Young children, pregnant and nursing women should only use oregano oil after consulting a physician. This includes those with heart conditions or high blood pressure.

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