12 Ways to Use Aloe Vera in Your Beauty Routine - MUST WATCH

I very distinctly remember being in elementary school when I learned about the powers of aloe vera. It was the magical ingredient that could help soothe a sunburn — and it was a plant. I found it odd, and that is smelled weird, but I vividly remember being told to stay away from the packaged green-goo labeled "aloe vera gel" at the store and opt for the real thing.

Most everyone knows that aloe has great healing properties, so yes, it is great for sunburns, but it can also help heal a variety of other things, from acne and scars. It's even been known to help grow longer lashes when mixed with castor oil. And adding it into a face mask is a sure-fire way to calm inflamed, irritated skin.

While the plant is always best, there are plenty of organic, natural aloe vera gel products out there that can get the job done, too. Check out our 12 favorite uses for this miracle plant, and let us know how you use it in the comment below!