Call Yourself A Christian! - What does it really mean to become a "Christ-follower" - A Must Watch Video

Ask people what comes to mind when they hear the word ‘Christian’ and it won’t be long before you hear words like: hypocritical; judgemental; homophobic; money-grabbers; people more interested in getting you inside a church building than getting to know who you really are. But with millions choosing to tick/check the box marked ‘Christian’, one has to ask: ‘What does it really mean to become a Christ-follower.’

Challenging the popular misconceptions that Christianity is either a matter of birth or behaviour, this video concludes that some people are better characterised as fans, than followers. With so much confusion and misrepresentation around the term ‘Christian’, this is a ‘must watch’ film for anyone considering the Christian faith.

This eight-minute animation simply takes a biblical view of the subject matter and presents a five-fold formula that characterises someone, who can, with God’s help, truly call himself or herself Christian!