How to Make Cleansing Ginger Water With Many Health Benefits - A Must Watch Video

Ginger may be a new spice kid on the block in many households today, but at least it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. Generally, the first thought that springs to mind when a person hears the word ‘ginger’ is a Gingerbread man who leaps from the pages of a children’s storybook. Others are instantly reminded of ginger ale, that refreshing effervescent drink.

Ginger is more than an aroma that fills our home at seasonal times of the year. It’s more like a medicine chest filled with a wealth of natural therapeutic properties.

In today’s video, we’ll look at this root and discover some of its benefits. We’ll also describe an easy way to make your own ginger water that doesn’t have all the sugar in typical ginger ale.

Here’s an economical and easy way to create your own ginger water drink:


Take an inch or two of fresh ginger root;
Juice squeezed from ½ of a lemon;
2 - 3 cups of water;
Raw honey, as needed for your preferred taste.


In a bowl, grate the ginger;
Add water and lemon juice;
Sweeten with honey;
Wait five minutes, stirring occasionally;
Strain into a glass;
Sip on your ginger water, warm or cold, throughout your day.

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