10 Benefits Of The Orange Peel. You Will Never Throw Them Away Again - A Must Watch Video

What are orange peel for and which are their benefits?

Every time we consume oranges to make juices, milkshakes, sauces for meats or simply eat it as a fruit, we discard the husk because we find exactly no use for it. But this is a big mistake because the orange peel has many properties and may have many uses that you probably did not know.

Let’s find out how useful you can give to the orange peels once you have consumed the fruit and do not worry about the bitter taste because in the end we will teach you how to prepare them so that they lose the bitterness and you can enjoy them to the maximum.

Reduces cholesterol: Orange in itself has numerous antioxidants that are extremely useful to fight free radicals, responsible for generating dangerous diseases; But precisely in the shells are the best benefits to reduce LDL cholesterol which
Eliminates acidity: If you have heartburn or heartburn problems, nothing better than orange peel to feel good again. Consume this natural remedy for 20 days and you will notice significant relief from your heartburn.

Prevents cancer: As previously said, orange repels free radicals and orange peel also contains other chemicals that inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Respiratory Problems: Orange peel also has vitamins C, which stimulates the immune system and helps prevent respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, colds, asthma and influenza.

Stimulates digestion: The dietary fiber found in orange peel helps patients suffering from irritable bowel, constipation and abdominal inflammation. An infusion of orange peel promotes digestion and relieves pain.

Room Aromatizer: The aroma of the orange peel is intoxicating. This citric like all the others can perfectly serve like aromatizador of environments treading in each room a fresh and relaxing perfume that everyone likes. You can heat orange peels in a bowl and mix them at the same time with cinnamon, sandalwood, bay leaves and mint.

Whitening your teeth: If you need to whiten your teeth and analyze the possibility of expensive and tedious bleaching first try the orange peel. Use the white interior of the orange peel to rub your teeth, which in addition to whitening them will help prevent tooth sensitivity.

Fertilizer for plants: The orange peel is ideal as fertilizer because it has a lot of nitrogen that helps plants and flowers grow stronger and faster. All the nutrients in the orange peel are beneficial to your garden.

Bleaching the skin: Vitamin C from orange peels is a natural skin bleach. Boil several orange peels, let cool and strain. Apply this infusion on the skin to cover imperfections and remove dark spots. This extract that orange peel also helps to tone the skin, close the pores and protect from harmful rays of the sun.

In the kitchen: Also the orange peel can serve as decoration of dishes or to give a semi bitter taste and at the same time citric to food.

Insect Repellent: The same infusion we previously prepared to cover the spots on the skin can serve to ward off insects. Place this liquid in a spray bottle and spray on window frames and doors and even floors to prevent pests from entering your home. Also the aroma of the burnt orange peel away insects.

Next, we’ll teach you how to prepare candied orange peels so you can make the most of this wonderful fruit.


– ½ kilo of orange peel.
– also ½ kilo of sugar.
– ½ liter of water.


– Firstly, it is important that you choose organic oranges because usually oranges are covered with pesticides that protect them from insects, but this pesticides are very dangerous to health so it is essential at the time of making this recipe use organic oranges and Free of toxics.

– Peel the oranges and remove some of the white skin from the inside but not completely.

– Cut the oranges into thin strips (in Juliana) and put them in hot water. When it breaks the boil, strain, drain and repeat the same operation 5 times more; That is, put back into water, when the boil breaks, and so on. This basically serves to bring out the bitter taste.

– Once we have repeated the procedure that will have removed the bitter taste, place the half liter of water with the orange peels and half a kilo of sugar and boil for five minutes with the pot uncovered.

– Remove from the heat and let stand until the next day in the same container.

– The next day cook again until the oranges start to brown and are shiny. Once the syrup is thick, remove.

– You can distribute them in a grate and let dry in the oven very smooth, with the oven door open for 10 minutes.

– They are ready to be consumed!