7 Micro Greens That Can be Harvested in few Days - A Must Watch Video

Microgreens or “vegetable confetti” are greens that are harvested just a few weeks after propagation. Like sprouts, micro greens are easy to grow in your kitchen or beside a sunny window in your home.

Unlike sprouts, micro greens are grown in soil. You can grow herbs, salad greens, vegetables and edible flowers as micro greens. Some micro greens can be harvested in just a couple of weeks, whereas others will take a month to grow. Here are some popular microgreens anyone can grow indoors.

1.Beet: You can get beets that give microgreens with red and purple stems. Getting ready in about 15 days, they are such a delight to grow and to use in any dish to add visual appeal. Bull’s Blood and Detroit Dark Red are popular Beet microgreens varieties.

2.Garden cress: Cress sprouts are a staple in the egg and mayonnaise sandwiches of the English. The micro greens with a peppery taste can be used in soups and salads as well. They are harvested within two weeks of sowing. American cress and Upland cress also has a similar taste and flavor.

3.Mustards: You have several mustards to choose from besides the regular green ones. The Osaka Purple and Red Giant give greens with purplish stems and reddish leaves respectively. Irrespective of the color, they pack as much pungency as you would expect from mustards. Growing 1 ½ to 2 inches, they become ready for harvest in 14-16 days when the first true leaves appear in most of the plants.

4.Radish: One of the quickest growing among micro greens, they can be harvested within 12 days of sowing the seeds. Sango, Red Arrow, Japanese Daikon, and Triton are popular for their contrasting leaf and stem colors.

5.Onion/chives These are monocots and have a grass-like appearance, with the first leaf of each sprout tipped with the empty seed coat. They take a month to reach the micro green stage. If they are harvested by snipping off just the top 1-2 inches, you can continue to get a few more harvests. Wheatgrass is another example of monocot micro greens that can give more than one harvest.

6.Orach The bright red color of the Fire Red variety of Orach is extremely striking, but it tastes rather mild, like its relative spinach.

7.Kohlrabi: Another member of the brassica group ready to be harvested in 14 days. The leaves are dark green with light purple stems.

Now, On the other hand, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, chard and spinach give milder micro greens and a mixture of them can make a veritable salad on their own. This is your chance to grow some plants that you wouldn’t normally have in your garden. Komatsuna, mizuna, red amaranth and Tatsoi are worth a try if you can source their seeds.

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