Fastest Way To De-seed A Pomegranate - A Must Watch Video

In just over 2 minutes, you can completely de-seed a pomegranate and have fun doing it!

You'll need:
a Pomegranate
a Wooden Spoon
a Bowl
a Small Knife

1. Score Pomegranate on the "equator"
2. Grab both sides and pull apart. "Stretch" each side slightly.
3. Hold one side "face-down" in one hand with hand underneath.
4. "Spank" pomegranate with wooden spoon over bowl until all seeds fall out.
5. Repeat with second side of pomegranate.
6. Pluck out any pulp
7. Enjoy!

See how fast YOU can do it!

*Tip: if you use a heavy-headed wooden spoon, you can de-seed the pomegranate even faster. After practicing, I can do it in under a minute. Also, be sure to gently squeeze the pomegranate half in your hand for quicker results.