7 Healthy Seeds And Nuts You Should Eat Everyday - A Must Watch Video

Every day, we make choices about what to eat. These 7 nuts and seeds are easy foods to add to our diets either because they make filling snacks or the benefits that these foods offer, especially for hard-to-find minerals and vitamins.

Almonds are a great source of Vitamin-E as a 100-gram serving contains 115% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin-E. You’ll also find natural Riboflavin, which is known as B2, in Almonds. The B vitamins help the body create energy from food and help regulate metabolic function.

2.Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds are an outstanding source of Iron with 81% of the daily iron intake per 100-gram serving. They also help build strong bones as they contain 98% of the daily intake of Calcium. As such, sesame-seeds are good for anyone who wants to improve the quality of the red blood cells that their body produces. Red-blood-cells are a critical part of delivering oxygen to cells and for removing cell waste.

Hemp seeds are a very healthy seed with 110mg of folate found in 100 gram serving. Our body uses folate as one of the ingredients in creating DNA, making folate an important vitamin for anyone who plans to reproduce. Strong DNA makes healthier sex cells and that means the better pairing of genes and chromosomes. Hemp seeds are also a good source of Vitamin A, polyunsaturated fats, Phosphorus, and Vitamin K.

4.Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds are a huge source of Vitamin E. They contain 170% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin E in a 100-gram serving. Vitamin-E is a powerful antioxidant helping to reduce the damage of free radicals. In addition to being a healthy antioxidant, sunflower seeds are an outstanding source of Thiamin, which helps use fats and proteins as fuel and resources for building new cells.
If you are exercising or trying to lose weight, sunflower seeds help boost your metabolism too.

5.Flax seeds
Flax seeds are an awesome source of dietary fiber. They contain 109% of the daily recommended intake of fiber per 100-gram serving. Flax seeds also offer blood and bone building minerals such as 32% of the daily intake of iron and 26% for calcium.

6.Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin Seeds are an outstanding source of protein with 18.6-grams of protein per 100-gram serving. They are also a fatty snack with 19-grams of fat per 100-gram serving, but only 3.6 grams of that fat is saturated. Pumpkin seeds are a good snack to help you build healthy blood as they contain 18% of the daily recommended intake for iron.

7.Chia seeds
Chia seeds promote healthy bones and blood with 63% of your daily recommended intake for Calcium and 43% for iron. They are also a remarkable source of dietary fiber offering 34.4 g of dietary fiber per 100-gram serving. If you want to build better bones, then Chia seeds are a perfect source to provide your body with all of the building blocks necessary to grow strong, dense bones.

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