Christmas Quiz Part 2 - 5 Questions

Christmas quiz part 1 - 5 Questions

1. Which animals does the Bible say were present at Jesus’ birth?
A. Cows, sheep, goats
B. None of the above
C. Sheep and goats only
D. Miscellaneous barnyard animals
E. Cows, donkeys, goats

/2. Joseph was originally from... (Luke 2:3)
A. Hebron
B. Nazareth
C. Bethlehem
D. Jerusalem
E. None of the above

3. According to the Bible, how did Mary and Joseph get to Bethlehem?
A. Camel
B. Donkey
C. Walked
D. Who knows?
E. Horse-drawn chariot
F. Joseph walked, Mary rode a donkey

4. How many angels spoke to the shepherds? (Luke 2:10)
A. Multitude
B. Three
C. One
D. None of the above

5. A manger is a...
A. Stable for domestic animals
B. Wooden hay storage bin
C. Barn
D. Feeding trough